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2HP MBP freezer can freeze 356Kgs meat from 25'C to -18'C every 8 hours, excellent for milk tank or other movable cold rooms

Price: 2375 USD

1-58 magetic Check Valve The body is 100% copper that has been spun into shape and the connections machined

Price: 67.2 USD

0.1~1.0MPa auto reset Mechanical pressure Switch with Setpoints for water pumpor water treatment replace Emerson PS12 control

Price: 12 USD

1-58 plunger Check Valve was designed with piston close and seal, forged brass body, max. flow rate and min. pressure drop

Price: 110 USD

12 CONNECTION SETS ensure perfect air-tightness, even after several replacements of components and factilitate maintaenance

Price: 14.8 USD

SME-2 TEV are especially suitable for liquid injection in DRY evaporators where the superheat at the evaporator outlet

Price: 24.1 USD

55sqm low temperature air cooler matches 10HP condensing unit for food process workshops, easily install and maitain

Price: 960 USD

30m2 air cooler matches 5~6HP MBP condensing unit, suitable for various kinds of refrigerant & different temperature requirement

Price: 468 USD

105m2 air cooler matches 10HP HBP condensing unit, such as ZB76KQE scroll compressor or other 26~30m3h displacement compressors

Price: 890 USD

100m2 air cooler matches 12HP MBP condensing unit, excellent for enironmental rooms and Physiology Altitude Testing Rooms

Price: 1228 USD